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DBE - Decentralized Basic Education

The USAID/Indonesia Decentralized Basic Education program is a partnership between the Government of Indonesia and the Government of the United States of America under a Strategic Objective Agreement (SOAG) between the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare (Menko Kesra) and USAID. The program aims to improve the quality of basic education in Indonesia through three integrated components: 1) more effective decentralized education management and governance (DBE1), 2) improve quality of teaching and learning (DBE2), and 3) increased relevance of Junior Secondary and Non-formal Education to life skills (DBE3).

The USAID/Indonesia Decentralized Basic Education program (DBE program) sites covers East Java, Central Java, West Java/Banten (combined), South Sulawesi, and North Sumatera. This program aims to help improve the quality of education within more than 2,400 schools and over 0.25 million of students in 100 districts (kabupaten/kota) from 2005 through 2010. The program comprise of three components: DBE1, DBE2, and DBE3. To go directly to a DBE area click on it on the map below.

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DBE - Decentralized Basic Education