How to Start a Morning Jog Routine

jogging workout for beginners

Taking a morning Jog is one of the best ways to jump-start your morning. It pays to be mentally prepared at first but as you get used and develop more endurance, it will start to feel normal, and you may even find yourself extending your distances.

It also helps to improve your focus too

Here are a few tips to help you kick-off your morning jogging routine in earnest.

Start By waking up early enough.

Plan the best time for your morning jog and set up your alarm. Be sure to consider other constraints on your daily routine like getting ready for work. Plan accordingly.

Set a daily jogging time.

For starters, choose a fairly easy timeline for your morning jog. However, with time and as your stamina grows, you can go gradually increase your distance.

Plan you morning job route.

Choose the perfect route for your jogging routine by considering things such as proximity, distance, and the scenery. Interestingly, you could even opt to install a treadmill in your house.

While you can always run alone, most cities have clubs and groups where people can join up for a morning run. It is wise to find out if your city has such groups and if not, you can create your own by calling on like-minded individuals.

Put on some Exercise Clothes.

When it’s finally time to step onto it, it pays to have clothes you are not afraid to break a sweat in. Get comfortable tracks suits, or sweatpants and shoes.

Grab Water and Your iPod

While on the trail, you will need something to hydrate your body – water is always the best choice, avoid sodas or energy drinks. A good selection of music will also keep you entertained while on it.