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BANYUWANGI: SMPN 1 is Implementing MBE

Many changes, innovations and developments have happened at SMPN1 Banyuwangi since it became one of the MBE target schools. Under the leadership of a Bpk Drs. Sutiyono, MM., M.Pd who is also an MBE facilitator, an increasing number of real and positive changes have been introduced, which impact directly on the students, teachers and community. In developing SBM and community participation, the school principal has several keys to success, including:

  • The courage to make changes
  • Thinking logically in making changes
  • Working in partnership to make changes
  • Taking decisions in a participative manner
  • allowing others in the school to make innovations

The transparency board is displayed where everyone can see it. The school committee and parents group work as partners with the school. The full functions of the committee are being performed properly.

Bpk Sutiyono
Choirunnisa and Eliana
The School canteen

1. Bpk Sutiyono, Kepala Sekolah SMPN 1 Banyuwangi didepan dinding formula (berisi gambar dan rumus semua bidang studi)
2. Choirunnisa dan Eliana juara karya ilmiah bersama guru pembimbingnya menyatakan dan merasakan PAKEM membiasakan siswa lebih kreatif, dan inovatif. Kerja team bukan hal yang sulit lagi.
3. Kantin sekolah dibantu pengecatannya salah satu produk minuman

Empowering the School Committee: The school com-mittee has tiled 18 classrooms on their own; the Head of the School Committee has deputi-zed as a science teacher; preparations for the end of school examination are handled by the school committee; the school budget is drawn up jointly by the school, committee and heads of the parents groups.

Empowering the Parents Groups: Improving the physical environment of the classrooms is done by the parents groups, who also help students with learning activities outside class.

Promoting Cooperation with Industry: 'Teh Botol Sosro' painted the basketball court; Coca-Cola provided basketballs, painted the school shop, gave T-shirts for the drum band, gave copies of the Holy Book and gave financial support for PAKEM training.

Regular Practice: Every morning except Fridays before lessons start the students have to read the Holy Book. On Fridays before lessons start the students have observation time. Every day, for fifteen minutes after lessons finish, the children do reading. Grades 7 and 8 have two extra lesson periods per week in the library, supervised by teachers.

Bpk Sutiyono often says that the changes so far in his school come from what he has learned from MBE. He invites other schools both MBE and non MBE schools to visit SMPN1 Banyuwangi.

Junior Secondary Schools Progressing

In several districts junior secondary schools (SMP and MTs) are making rapid progress. Usually change is more difficult to achieve in junior secondary level compared to primary schools, partly because of the large number of teachers and because they are subject teachers rather than class teachers. Experience has shown that change takes place more successfully if it is based on agreement and cooperation between the teachers, school principal, school committee and other stakeholders.

SITUBONDO: It's Fun Learning at SMP 1 Panarukan

In the last edition of Suara MBE it was reported from Situbondo that SMP 1 Panarukan is doing 'moving class', where the students change classroom each lesson because there are classrooms for each subject. According to Bpk Aji Sapaji and Ibu Mayus, the school principal and deputy principal, the children are already used to changing class in five minutes and are very comfortable with the system.

But the changes at SMP 1 Panarukan are not confined to moving class! All the rooms are organized in groups. As a result classroom activities are more interactive and encourage more discussion between the students. The role of the teacher has also changed to become a facilitator rather than an instructor.

There are extensive good quality displays of work expressed in the children's own words in the subject rooms. The impact of the changes in SMP 1 are evident, when we visit the classes. The children are open and eager to talk with visitors. Above left; You can see a Bahasa Indonesia lesson.

MALANG: Different Steps, the Same Destination

Since it was named as a national standard school (SSN) SMPN 1 Turen has been trying to make improvements in every area in order to give the best possible service in developing the students potential. The school principal, Bpk Gayung, welcomes the fact that, at the same time as it became an SSN, the school also joined the MBE program.

Ibu Musiani a Biology teacher

Ibu Musiani, a biology teacher at SMPN 1 Turen, helping the students with their work

Together with MBE several measures have been taken to raise the quality of education, including:

  • Most of the classrooms have reorganized the seating and have put up display boards which are filled with students' work.

  • The students' learning experiences are richer and more varied, not just listening to lectures from the teacher, but instead doing group work, discussion, experiments and observation. The children have become more creative and more confident in expressing their opinion or asking questions, so that lessons are more dynamic and enjoyable.

The school principal is planning several other programs to improve the quality and competence of the teachers.

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